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krishna weds sneha wedding invitation

Message from the Bride


“Love or arranged? “

This is one most common question asked when one breaks his wedding news.

But for us, it turned out to be the toughest.

We met the conventional way at home amidst our families with the sole purpose of getting hitched. But

that’s not when the story started.

We never got in touch in the first fortnight after the first meet.

But something in him told him that we need to talk more, unofficially this time, and get to know each


He picked Christmas as the right occasion to start a conversation; turned into my Secret Santa and sent

me a Christmas cake. I texted a thank you. And that’s where it started.

Life has been full of surprises and exciting turns since then..

It’s been a short journey so far, but couldn’t get more exciting..

Looking forward eagerly for the rest of this relationship to be unfolded!

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