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A guide to the perfect South Indian Bridal look

If you are planning to have a South Indian bridal look on your big day, then I have some tips and tricks that you can keep up your sleeve to look like the South Indian bride of your dreams. 

In this blog post has included everything from South Indian bridal hairstyles to South Indian bridal jewelry that you can take inspiration from and put together the perfect South Indian wedding look for your D-day. 

South Indian Bridal Saree 

Kanjivaram sarees are a typical scene at South Indian weddings, and for all the right reasons. Wedding pattu sarees have bright and eye-catching colors that look stunning on a South Indian bride. 

 Here’s a tip: Remember to buy your South Indian bridal saree in a color that compliments your skin color. Off-white and gold look superb on all complexions. You can offset your off-white pattu saree or kasavu with a bright blouse with heavy embroidery. Take cues from these stunning South Indian brides! 

Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

Let’s admit that a good blouse can make or break a saree’s look. So, while you pick the perfect Kanjivaram for your big day, it is also important to stitch a blouse that complements your saree well. 

 Here a tip: If you are going to wear a simple saree with little or no motifs, then go all out on the blouse design. However, if your saree is full of design and motifs, then it is best to stick to a simple blouse to avoid overdoing your South Indian bridal look. If you wish to have a simple back blouse design, then you can choose to have heavy embroidery work on the sleeves by keeping them on the longer side. 

Maggam work blouse designs like this one are a huge trend among South Indian brides this year. You can check out more maggam work blouse designs here. Here’s a tip: Get something like this to wear with a plain gold saree!

South Indian Bridal Jewellery

Jewelry forms the most important part of any South Indian bride’s wedding trousseau. And why should it not? After all, it is the most expensive of the lot and stays with you for years to come. 

 Here’s a tip: Always keep your personal style in mind while buying your South Indian wedding jewelry. Think whether you gravitate more towards the classic style, or are you someone with a hatke style? Or perhaps a mix of the two? Whatever it may be, just remember to buy jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your life and not just on your wedding day!

South Indian Bridal Makeup

Depending on what kind of South Indian bridal look you wish to achieve, you have to finalize on your bridal makeup too. It is always best to show your makeup artist your wedding saree so that they can decide what kind of makeup will compliment your outfit. You can go for bold eyes and pink lips to match your kanjivaram saree! Or choose to have soft smokey eyes with a bold red pout. Also, if you have a smaller crease, you can have just one shadow throughout the lid with winged liner and wear a bold and deep lip color like plum or brown! Definitely a head-turner! 

South Indian Bridal Hairstyle

Hairstyle and gajras make up for a huge factor in a bride’s South Indian Wedding Look. And safe to say that I have seen the most elaborate wedding hairstyles on South Indian brides. 

 Here’s a tip: If you are keeping your South Indian bridal look safe by choosing all traditional options, then your hairstyle is definitely something you can experiment with. Be it a simple fishtail braid with naga jadai, or a voluminous side braid with baby’s breath, or perhaps a full-blown South Indian bun & braid hairstyle with gajras and naga jadai. If neither of these, then how about a simple donut bun with gajra and a single hair accessory? 

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