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Top 15 places to have a pre-wedding photo shoot at Vizag

Have you ever looked at someone’s social media handle and wondered how they find such gram’ worthy places for a photoshoot? A picture can tell a story just as well as many words, and what better way of doing that with a spectacular backdrop, and one of such places is, Vizag.  Situated on the east coast of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam also known as Vizag is one of the oldest port cities in the country. Vizag is also known as the Goa of the East Coast because of its beautiful beaches and landscapes. Being the largest city of Andhra Pradesh, it is easily reachable through major cities of India. Apart from having numerous industries, it can be a dream holiday destination for you. This city has something to offer for everyone from ancient temples to beautiful caves, from beaches to lushes green valleys. Visakhapatnam is the go-to place for environmental enthusiasts, nature lovers or for someone who just wants to have a peaceful time in this serene land and lately it is becoming a popular destination for couples to have a pre-wedding photoshoot at Vizag. 

Vizag offers various picturesque locations for couples to have an extraordinary pre-wedding photoshoot. The pre-wedding shoot has become a thing in the millennial culture and the trend is growing very rapidly. It allows the couples to pick their favorite location, get dressed up, and have a worth remembering photoshoot with their partner.

Yarada Beach 

Located near Gangavaram Port, Yarada Beach is crowded and best suited for a pre-wedding photoshoot at Vizag. The fine sand and rocky cliffs give the best panoramic shots, the entire area is covered with hundreds of banana and coconut plantations making it an absolutely beautiful location for a pre-wedding shoot. 

It has no entry fees, the best time to visit is during the day and it is usually crowded on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Araku Valley 

It is a place of immense scenic beauty and is a must-visit place if you are looking for beautiful pre-wedding photos. Araku Valley offers enchanting waterfalls and a lush green forest that makes it a perfect destination for couples to have a pre-wedding photoshoot. October to March is the best season to visit Araku Valley

Katiki Waterfalls 

In the leap of nature, you can take a big breath of fresh air making it a nature lovers paradise and an exquisite location for a pre-wedding photoshoot at Vizag. There are no entry fees to visit the place and the timings are from 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening on all days of the week

Dolphin’s Nose 

Owing to its scenic beauty, soothing environment, and surreal setting, Dolphin’s nose has become a must-visit place. The sunset view from this place makes it a picture-worthy location for photoshoots. It is the best place to have a mesmerizing photo shoot with a jaw-dropping background. This place offers countless opportunities to get yourself photographed. There are no entry fees to and the timings are 3 PM to 5 PM on all days of the week. 

Rishikonda Beach 

The beach is widely known for its golden sands and tidy waves. The beautiful clear seawater and the rocky mountains make it an amazing location for the couples to have a pre-wedding photoshoot at Rishikonda 

Beach, Vizag. Sunrise is the perfect time to capture the beauty of this place for an awe-inspiring photoshoot. 

Kailasagiri Hills 

The Titanic viewpoint gives the view of the entire city from the top of the hill. The Kailasagiri has also been awarded as the “Best Tourist Spot” in 2003 by the government of Andhra Pradesh. The timings to visit this place is from 8 AM to 6 PM. 

Kondakarla Ava Lake 

Located in the foothills of Eastern Ghats Kondakarla Ava is a famous Lake and Bird Sanctuary. It is located a little further from the main city making it an ideal location for a pre-wedding photoshoot at Vizag. The lake is surrounded by coconut trees on one side and magnanimous hills on the other. Boating across the lake and getting your candids clicked can be a fun and interesting photoshoot. The Kondakarla lake is open from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening on all days. The entry fee to visit the lake is RS. 20 per person and boat ride charges range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per person

Mangamaripeta Beach 

Vizag is a city that is lined with beaches popular with the tourists visiting the city. Mangamaripeta is one such beach that offers you not just the chance of dipping your toes in the water and building sandcastles but it also gives you an adrenaline rush with its water sports. Mangamripeta beach has a nature-made work of art making it highlights the beach known as the Mangamaripeta arch.  

Hashtag Resto Café 

If it all started over a coffee and you want to tell your story by recreating the scene in this cute café in Vizag. Painted in vibrant yellow, red and orange, Hashtag Resto Cafe stands out in Lawson’s Bay. While the cool the sea breeze will make evenings pleasant at the café, it can be a perfect spot for a pre-wedding photoshoot as it has both indoor and outdoor seating available with some rooftop view kind of cozy setup. It is open from 12 PM  to 10 PM. 


Gangavaram Beach is one of the hidden beaches of Vizag that provides a secluded atmosphere to relax and rejuvenate your mind in its flawless surroundings. Under the shade of the sun, the soft golden sand will give a spectacular look to your photos, unlike other beaches this beach has a beautiful coastline that has attracted many filmmakers to shoot songs and movie scenes, has a promising backdrop to click innumerable Instagram pictures. Gangavaram Beach is surrounded by huge and palm trees, which not only help you relax but also be a perfect background for the photos (major beach vibes alert!) The best time to visit the beach is in the evening if you want to enjoy the sunset and click some amazing photos. 


‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’ a title Lambasingi truly deserves, it is the only place in south India that receives snowfall during winters. The best time to visit Lambasingi is during winters, surrounded by whopping hills and dense forest, this place is a hidden gem. Around 100 km away from Vizag this small village could be your ideal location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Gorgeous valleys, green plantation and towering hills make it a perfect setup for the photoshoot. November to January is usually considered the best time to visit Lambasingi

Ross Hill Church 

Surrounded by three hills, each having a distinguishing religious significance Vizag has got a rich cultural heritageSituated on top of the central hill is the Ross Hill Church, an impressive structure in Vizag that should not be missed by anyone visiting this beautiful port city. The best part of visiting Ross Hill Church is the panoramic view of the city and the horizon is sure to amaze you. If you want to witness a picture-perfect 

sunrise or sunset, this place is a must-visit. The delightful architecture and aesthetic surroundings can be the perfect location for your pre-wedding photoshoot at Vizag.  The church is open from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening

Bheemili Beach 

Just a few kilometers from the outskirts of Vizag, Bheemili Beach is located near Bheemunipatnam. Bheemili Beach provides a beautiful seafront, thatched cottages and ancient Dutch bungalows that are a reminder of its rich cultural past. 

Borra Caves 

The Borra Caves are over a million years old and have stalactites and stalagmites and are beautifully lit up in different colors. There are several folk tales regarding the uncovering of the caves among the tribals living here. The visiting timings are from 10 AM to 5 PM and the entry fees for adults is Rs 60, Rs. 25 for Phone Camera, Rs. 100 for Digital / Still Camera and Rs. 100 for Video Camera.

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