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Valentine’s Day Inspired Wedding Photoshoot ideas

Weeding photography and pre-wedding photo shoots are gaining more & more popularity at Indian weddings. The motives behind wedding photography and pre-wedding photoshoot are simple; you can spend some quality time with your partner & have an opportunity to know them well. Apart from these, the photographer gets to know the couple well, their personality, their likings which definitely reflects in the pictures & gives you the most special genuine memories to cherish for your lifetime. And for such wedding photoshoots, Valentine’s Day is the perfect date to see romance spring up in the couple.

It’s hard not to get swept up in the romance of wedding on the eve of Valentine’s Day. And why would you even try? Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to embrace your romantic side with a feminine side and a crimson lip. Your guests can enjoy romantic cocktails and sweet treats on your big day. And when it comes to decor, think red roses and heart-shaped signage. Planning to get hitched in mid-February? Here, some Valentine’s Day wedding photoshoot ideas that are sure to send your heart aflutter.

Reliving the First Date

First dates tend to be the most memorable ones. This makes them the perfect source of a Valentines Day inspires Wedding photography. You can recreate funny moments, or photograph details (like a specific kind of coffee) that made your date unforgettable. Or you can wear your first date outfits again. All of these things will help you relive the best moments in your presence. If you do not have a first date location, you can simply create your favorite relationship moments in general.  

See the real you

If you’re professional homebodies, worry that you can’t take exciting photos of them. An indoor photoshoot would increase your confidence and help you to be less conscious of the camera. And the result would be perfectly raw photos depicting your emotions.

The Valentine’s day Signboard

Customized Valentine’s day signs are a fun way to add humor, romance, or depth to your photoshoots. The more diverse your images are, the more you’ll keep looking at them with the same awe even after years. Use customized Valentine’s day signboards to create a memorable experience.

Shoot something you love

Instead of choosing shooting locations yourself, get a list of your favorite mutual hobbies It won’t take much time for turning your answers into a Valentine’s Day-inspired Wedding photography idea. To add essence to the significance of the day, make sure you include something related to Valentine’s Day in every pose you give.  It can be the use of props like a heart balloon, heart-shaped bokeh, or even a cute outfit.

The Epitome of Romance

Golden hour is the epitome of romance and warmth. An hour before the sunset is the best time to photograph yourself as it spices up your Valentine’s day inspired wedding photography. During this time, you’ll be able to play around with stunning backlight, silhouettes, and warm skin tones. For dreamy results, shoot against the sun. This will create beautiful sun rays that will emphasize positive emotions. It will give all of your photos an air of happiness.

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