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What to wear for your Pre-wedding Photoshoot: Pre wedding Outfit Ideas

What to wear for your Pre-wedding Photoshoot: Pre wedding Outfit Ideas

Deciding what to wear on your pre-wedding photoshoot can be a tricky task. Being the window for others to see your sizzling chemistry, pre-wedding photoshoot outfits have a lot of confusion, as to if the couple should wear matching outfits, or should you go with outfits that match your personalities or just go with outfits that are casual or should it be a time turner. Should it be one outfit, two outfits, ethnic, fusion, western, mix, there are soo many options to choose from our curated list of best pre-wedding outfits. In the end, you want to look your best so one needs to choose wisely.


Wear Something Fluttery

A flowy dress, a dupatta that catches the wind and anything that moves and catches the wind as you walk is perfect for photos. It will hide any aesthetically unpleasant body weight and make you look amazing. The confidence that this comfort will give you is sure to be reflected in your pictures.


Keep it classy!

If you are confused about what to wear, pick the most classy and timeless clothes you own- clothes that will not look dated even when you look at the photos 20 years from now. The cold shoulder is in right now, but you don’t want someone saying “OMG! That’s so 2017 when they look at your photo!”

Flaunt the Casual Wear

How about you be your real self? Just the everyday shorts teamed up with a pretty blouse as your pre-wedding outfit can be quite stunning. Your pictures will look effortlessly candid. This also feels like a relief when you’re already knee-deep in the wedding planning chaos. Also, shorts suit just about anyone with good legs.


Play with colors

Choose colors that complement each other for your pre-wedding outfit- like red and aqua, shades of beige with pops of coral and navy, mint and pink or even grey and yellow. Workaround a nice pleasing color combination. If you wanna wear white, black or grey, make sure to add some color to the look somewhere! Adding a pop of color to the shoot- whether, through clothes, accessories or props is always a good idea and can really make the photos stand out!

The millennial couples invest ample time and money into getting a pre-wedding shoot. nowadays, some places solely create backdrops and backgrounds as per your whims and fancy to provide you with a magical experience. Therefore, you wanted to serenade your lady love in an alley in Paris? You can find it right at home. Get in touch with us and get your dream pre-wedding shoot location right at home.

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