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Love in a heartbeat!

Her heartbeat united with his, to beat in unison for now and forever! Alas! They weren’t carrying the stethoscope to hear their hearts beat that day, that otherwise adorns their necks every day! These two doctors are joyful about their hearts skipping a beat that day!

That day was their day! That day, she wore a bright red bridal saree, laminating with joy and jewelry, she looked like a princess; while he looked divinely in a traditional attire & mounted a turban resembling a newly coronate prince. And we knew exactly how old Walt Disney’s Cinderella felt when she found her prince.

These two mighty hearts tied the knot, who enjoyed every moment of their wedding day, every hymn of the wedding mantras and every ritual with a great smile & belief. A hundred eyes would be too less for the spectacle that they presented on stage, smiling together in bliss.

They say, Marriages are made in heaven and the bride and bridegroom made a heavenly entry into the marriage hall carrying their cool persona, swaying the hearts of every near and dear who wished with all their hearts, a long and prosperous journey to the couple. While the stage resonated with the Vedic hymns and the flowers bloomed brightly, the mandap decorations looked heavenly, as the couple sat beside each other.

We captured every trivial subtlety that might matter the most to them while reminiscing about the wedding memories, in their later life. As we clicked, they smiled away, sweeping our hearts. A couple of hours that the wedding ceremony took place felt like a couple of minutes and we clicked away all their memories with joy and gleam.

Wedding tales are forever. Everyone has a tale to tell and their tale is the happiest.

So is the tale of Shruti & Venkat’s

Wishing the lovely couple a happy and amazing journey ahead!

-Team Vshoot!