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The journey of flying colours of an NRI groom & Desi Bride

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and the beginning of Radhika & Vijay’s happily ever after began with 7- steps; One step each for 7 vows taken merrily with equal quantities of seriousness, to live up to, all life.

As the bride and the groom walked in rhythm to the seven vows, promising to share love, strength & to stay together forever, in unison, it looked like all the twinkle in the world gathered in the bride’s eyes and all the cool breeze caught in the groom’s smiles. It was a spectacle to watch. Not the one that could be explained in words, but the one that is remembered, the one that is captured and framed. We clicked all those beautiful moments to make memorabilia to relish later.

Amidst all the happy family, friends, near & dear, the couple tied the knot and ready to fly in colors to the world of dreams, prosper and joy! Oh! Did we mention, the groom is an NRI…They are going to fly anyway!


The love story of Radhika & Vijay started with their wedding day and are counting their blessings as they reach a pinnacle of their

affections by each passing day! We enjoyed every moment spent with the couple, be it the pre-wedding shoot where the initial bewilderment grew into curiosity which evolved into an affectionate bonding, to freezing their sweet memories into a lifetime album of a wedding shoot.

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-Team VShoot!